Assistance for people with disabilities

Special Services for Full Participation

In addition to general social benefits, people with disabilities in Germany receive special services. Through these individual services, people with disabilities are enabled to fully participate in social life. They should be able to shape their lives according to their interests and abilities. Their interests and wishes are important in designing the assistance. In Germany, the range of assistance for people with disabilities is extensive and covers various aspects of life.

The services are divided into:

  • Medical rehabilitation services,
  • Services for participation in the workforce,
  • Maintenance and supplementary benefits,
  • Services for participation in education, and
  • Services for social participation.

Additionally, severely disabled individuals, that is, persons with a registered degree of disability, receive special assistance.


In general:

Normal signs of aging cannot be recognized as disabilities. The same applies to illnesses whose effects do not last for more than 6 months.

Further information on the various services for people with disabilities is provided by the "einfach teilhaben" web portal of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, as well as the "Guide for People with Disabilities" published by the BMAS.

Good to know:

If you have recently immigrated to Germany and you or a family member have a disability, you should seek personal advice. Free counseling services specifically for people with disabilities and their relatives on all questions regarding rehabilitation and participation can be found on the Specialist Center for Participation Counseling (EUTB) portal.

Here you can also determine the individual contact points for the services in Saxony-Anhalt in the search form.

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