Recognition of professional qualifications

Recognition of Degrees and Professional Qualifications

As a professional with vocational or academic qualifications, you have the legal right for your qualifications to be compared and evaluated against a German degree. Since degrees and qualifications are crucial in the German job market for your chances of employment and adequate payment, the recognition of your degrees and qualifications should be a top priority in your efforts to secure well-paid work.


Recognition in Regulated Professions

In regulated professions, recognition is mandatory regardless of the country of education. Examples of regulated professions include medical professions (excluding assistant roles), lawyer, teacher, educator, or engineer. You can find a list of all professions regulated in Germany here.

In the recognition process, your professional qualifications are assessed for comparability with the German reference profession, thus ensuring equivalence. The responsible authority reviews your documents (such as degrees, exams, training contents, etc.), and your professional experiences also play a role. Recognition procedures are conducted by different authorities in Germany responsible for recognizing professional qualifications. The relevant authority depends on the profession. You can find out which authority is responsible for you through the Recognition Finder, which is available in multiple languages.


Recognition of School and University Degrees

The equivalence of your foreign school certificate for professional purposes is determined by the certificate recognition centers of the federal states, which you can access through the anabin database. Universities usually handle the recognition of school certificates for university admission purposes.

If you obtained a university degree abroad, you can have your certificate evaluated by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) in Germany. They will provide an assessment of how your degree compares to a German university degree, facilitating your entry into the job market and aligning with your qualifications more quickly. Universities where you intend to apply generally handle the recognition of study and examination achievements. Student secretariats of universities and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which also provides advice on master's and doctoral degrees, are your first points of contact. Detailed information on the respective recognition procedures in the academic and school sectors can be found here.


Support for Professional Recognition

The "Recognition in Germany" (Anerkennung in Deutschland) portal provides information on the various regulations and procedures for professional recognition in Germany. The "RecognitionFinder" on this portal guides you step by step through the recognition process. In addition, you will find comprehensive information on key questions such as:

  • How can I determine my reference profession?
  • Where can I find out if my profession is regulated or unregulated?
  • Where can I find advisory centers?
  • What is the recognition process like?
  • What should I do if I do not receive recognition?



EU citizens have the option to use the German advice center under Article 57b of the EU Professional Qualifications Recognition Directive for the recognition of their professional qualifications. Please contact the German advice center for assistance.

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